To be able to manufacture to an accuracy of 2 microns, you at least have to be able to measure to an accuracy of 2 microns. We are able to do this in the new, fully air conditioned test laboratory made by Zeiss.

By means of a targeted expansion investment of a Carl Zeiss Contura G2 we are now also able in the measuring area of 1,200 mm x 1,000 mm to measure up to a few microns. This step away from the manual coordinate measuring technology to the CNC controlled measuring enables us to get a faster and more reproducible capturing of the measures manufactured beforehand. After established technology from Oberkochen when it comes to the smaller measuring range, the choice of another machine made by Carl Zeiss was the logical consequence of our previous investment strategy.

We adhere a clear line with pioneers in tooling with our partners Fehlmann und DMG Mori when it comes to the chipping production and the Georg-Fischer group when it comes to EDM technology also with the measuring technology according to the above mentioned scheme: As well as you can only create quality with quality, you only can measure and proof quality with quality.