Since its establishment as a simple tool shop in May 1992, Bonsack has gradually developed and expanded into 3 different areas.

Alongside making tool components, we now have two further focuses in manufacturing: The manufacture of exacting precision parts using automated CNC equipment, and the development and production of automation solutions (workpiece carrier systems, special-purpose machines, jigs, sputter deposition masks). Our expansion has taken us to our operational limits, which we will break through by restructuring our production area.

Anyone who has experienced our production halls first hand will have noticed that our CNC manufacture is distributed practically throughout the entire building complex. From the end of this year, this will no longer be so. We will be expanding our assembly space, certain storage rooms will be moved into a newly established cold warehouse and CNC machining will be done in a dedicated hall. We will also be adding a DMU 80 eVo 5-axis machining centre to this department after the end of the 3rd quarter, so that we may respond more flexibly to the demand for 5-sided machining of large components. At the same time, we will be restructuring our Measuring Room and the Programming department.

Both of these departments will be relocated to new premises near the machining centres to keep the paths short. Accordingly, we are also planning to expand our Quality Assurance department. Since our product range has rapidly widened to include precision parts manufacture, we also need to make changes in our 3D coordinate measuring machines, so that we can measure complex 5-axis parts within economical timeframes during production. A decision as to the make of this machinery will be made within the next few weeks.