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Restructuring nearly complete

The rising popularity of our products and services among customers and strong demand have necessitated an increase in automation and optimization of our production processes. We therefore decided to demarcate the individual departments, to use [...]

Capacity expansion

Since its establishment as a simple tool shop in May 1992, Bonsack has gradually developed and expanded into 3 different areas. Alongside making tool components, we now have two further focuses in manufacturing: The manufacture [...]

Stand at the Z-Subcontracting Fair, Leipzig

The Z-Subcontracting Fair was our first presence at an internationally renowned trade fair. This is yet another step along our path towards a broader customer base in many different industries, and thus secures our company [...]

Acquiring more SURFCAM licences

Like many renowned companies, Bonsack outsources some of its programming tasks in order to increase the throughput of production orders at the machining centres and to minimize idle times. Growing demand and the need for [...]

New processing centre commissioned

Having gone through a major rethink of some of our manufacturing strategies and given new technical possibilities, it was decided in the summer of 2010 to acquire a new processing centre for prismatic components from [...]

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